How to make money then lose it all on eBay Part 1

Selling Dog Groomers on eBay – Part 1

I got so excited when my small batch of egg incubators were flying off eBay. On my 7th day, I had sold all 40, with a 500% profit. Not bad I thought!

I had received 20 positive feedbacks from the buyers and no negative feedback or complaints. So naturally, I then immediately ordered a full 40 foot container from the same supplier in China.

A few days after the order was shipped from China, I received an email stating the egg incubator stopped working  and the buyer wanted a replacement / refund. I offered a 50% refund to the buyer and a replacement if he decided to wait 40 days for deliver. He agreed. Few days later I received another faulty item report, followed by another a week later.

I started to get a bit worried, but then thought to myself, I am making 500% profit, so even if 1 our of 2 are returned for a replacement, I will still make a healthy profit, Well I hate to admit it, but I  was wrong.

Meanwhile I had listed the items as pre-orders on eBay with a 50 day wait (I know you are not exactly allowed to sell pre-orders / stock you do not hold on eBay, but we all bend the rules sometimes, and this was before I realised it was against PayPal’s policy as well!)

The container arrived within 45 days.  First thing I did was to send out the replacements, followed by Pre-Orders. Most of the container was now gone.

A few days later I received a couple of angry emails telling me the egg incubators were starting to overheat while the buyer had their duck/chicken eggs inside the incubator, and had cooked all the eggs. These were 52 egg incubators, and some duck / chicken / bird eggs are expensive. You can appreciate how serious this can be!

Angry life threatening phone calls followed to our call centre (Which was outsourced at the time, thank god for that)


Article to continue. (It’s 4:45 AM here! Stay tuned for part 2)

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Part 2: How to make money then lose it all on eBay

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