How to manage your Virtual Assistant efficiently

This guide is written for total startups. And I try to keep the tools free. This is NOT ideal, but it’s a cheap solution.

I’ve meant to write a guide for a while now. HR can be very time consuming and challenging. It is very difficult finding the right person to work with you to help you grow your business.

NOTE: This article is being updated constantly

Some important tips to keep you safe

If you work on Google Drive (Which I recommend), MAKE SURE the file rights are Transferred over to your account. IF not, you can lose the files once the employee leaves.

Keep a list with ALL the accounts and files your employee has access to. This comes in handy if you need to revoke access. If you don’t have such a system, it is guaranteed you will forget about some accounts.

The best option here is to create a separate Gmail account for your employee or use Gmail for Business. E.g. if your company name is Sam Hooti, your Employee’s name is Mark, Create a Gmail account: , and share the password with them. Ideally, if you can afford, it’s best to have a business Google account.

Training resources for Virtual Assistants

It is important your virtual assistant understands the important basics of tools (in this case, tools used in marketing), and understands the basics. Here are some resources I have sent to my VAs in the past that has helped them understand the basics.

VA for online chat

If your VA does online chat, make sure you have some scripts ready to them to use.

If there is something they are not sure about, usually the following script works fine:

“I am sorry it’s my first week at the company and I am not sure if I know the answer to your question. Our team is in a meeting right now. Could I please take your email address and get back to you ASAP after checking with my colleagues?”

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