About Me

I was born in Sydney, Australia and currently live in London, UK.

I have travelled and lived in many parts of the world and enjoy a good adventure.

At the age of 14, I started my own business, distributing, probably not so legal, copied PC games.

Later on at 16, I was designing websites for clients.

I have created and sold many businesses since. (Agriculture Shop, Software Services, Sports, Bicycle Accessories Online Store, DJ Online Store, etc)

I currently run 2 Amazon FBA businesses and own 2 eBay businesses with over 600K feedback each.

I am also a vendor at ClickBank and other affiliate networks.

Real estate is something else I am involved with. Including AirBnB businesses.

I have also established several automated businesses and partnerships.

And of course, I am an e-commerce consultant.

These are some of the stuff I’m involved with.

My blog is a way of me giving back to the community what I’ve learned the very hard way!