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How fitness changed my life


I’m used to running multiple businesses, studying and working out daily. I have designed all the content with the busy life style in mind.

I’ve tried and I’ve proved everything I recommend.

I was born asthmatic. The doctors gave me inhalers and told me not to participate in sports.
Whenever I did, I suffered severe asthma attacks.
I couldn’t enjoy football, running or even judo.

At the age of 17 I met a guy called Jackson who introduced me to weight training. Jackson explained how you can train your muscles to grow and recover, that gave me an idea! I loved to be able to run. So I thought to myself, I can perhaps train my body to fight my asthma. My logic was that my lungs should get stronger meaning I will have less asthma attacks.
On that note, I started running daily. I remember my first days. I had to stop and use the inhaler every few minutes. But slowly I started to have attacks less often.

The first week I could hardly run 400 meters but by the end of the year I was running over 5K with almost no asthma attacks.  After 2 years, I had no asthma attacks at all.
Fitness had transformed my life and I wish I had not listened to the doctors! Obviously I am not saying this is what you should do. I’m just simply describing my ordeal.

This website is my way of contributing as much as I can to a healthier society.

This website is aimed mainly for people with a busy lifestyle, or people who would like to achieve maximum results in the minimum time.