How to pull your sh*t together

After much thought, I have decided to start my blog. Mainly because I feel there is a gap for honest business and life design content.

I am working on a step-by-step guide, on how to implement and design your ideal life / business / dream etc.

I am also working on a tool to help you track goals, progress and life in general.

These are based on 100s of books I have read, podcasts, seminars and mainly my own experience. I have filtered out the stuff that don’t work. I have read many books, 100s of pages, just basically talking about how you can be successful by staying positive, and keep telling yourself YES I CAN DO IT! This is a great TEMPORARY motivation. But it’s doomed to fail! It’s astonishing how these authors manage to print book after book, just talking about the same thing over and over again, without actually giving clear instructions. I called these the “Temporary high” material. Material that will make you feel great for a few days, but then you forget about it after a few weeks, if not hours!

I have also read material from “self made millionaires” who have made their money by selling material on how to get rich. Isn’t that ironic now? Think about it for a second!

I still manage to extract some great valid points from these “Temporary high” material! But they are by no means a life manual.

There are however many great books out there as well, which give you an accurate life “manual”

Tim Ferris’s book,  The Four Hour Work Week, is a great example of material that can be applied to real life. I strongly recommend you reading that book by the way!

However, I have realised none of these books have sufficient tools and steps to keep you on track and it is easy to get overwhelmed as well.

Anyway, I am sitting in a cafe sipping some amazing coffee as I write this article.

I’m just going to press the SUBMIT button without proofreading. As I prefer to enjoy this nice cup of coffee.

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