Useful Material and procedures for Virtual Assistants – VAs

A BIG thank you for choosing to work with me and welcome aboard!


Please make sure you submit the following to our HR department.

  1. Copy of original Passport or official governmental ID
  2. Full address and valid contact phone number
  3. Emergency Contact (Full Name, Address, Phone number)


Depending on your VA job, you may be assigned a daily Checklist. Please read this checklist daily, as this may change on a regular basis.

You will very likely be assigned a company email address. Please make sure only this email address is used when registering or opening accounts.

You may also, at some point, be assigned a Gmail account. Make sure you use this account for all Google Doc work etc.

If you are not familiar with Google Docs, please have a look at this video crash course:

If you create ANY account while working at the company, you must store and share the password via a system, usually Google Docs. Also a good article to read on about Google Docs

All Google Doc documentation rights MUST be transferred to us after each creation/edit. Here is how you can do this:

You will most likely be assigned to a team on ASANA. Please organises your tasks here.

If you are not familiar with ASANA, please have a look at this video:

So which task should I do first? Well, if they don’t have any dates, then they all have the same sort of priority, if they have deadlines / due dates, then make sure you do the one that is due first.

I ran out of things to do. What should I do today? I don’t think you can ever run out of things to do! Be creative if you feel there isn’t anything to do today. You can ALWAYS suggest new tasks / ideas etc. Please don’t just do the Minimum and finish the day, Try doing something extra if you have extra time, maybe finding suggestions on how to improve etc.

Always add your suggestions and ideas

Make sure you tell us about suggestions and ideas, What is working well for you, and what isn’t. We want you to work in a comfortable environment and do more of the things you enjoy doing. We try our best to tailor your work to something you like or create a training plan for you. Tell us about your ideas, plans, what you like to learn, weaknesses (So we can improve and train this) etc.

Online Chat

We use for our chat system. You can login using the company email address you’ve been assigned.

To learn more about Tawk, have a look at this video:

You must download the Tawk App, OR make sure your browser is ALWAYS on and sound on your PC is on.

Please make sure you create a Support Ticket if an enquiry needs a followup:

If there is something they are not sure about, usually the following script works fine:

“I am sorry it’s my first week at the company and I am not sure if I know the answer to your question. Our team is in a meeting right now. Could I please take your email address and get back to you ASAP after checking with my colleagues?”

Learning, Training and Development

During your stay with us, we want you to learn new things. However, if you are not working at one of our offices, or working part-time, it may be more challenging to train you, especially if you are working on one of the Startup projects. That is why we hire self-motivators. But don’t worry. We are here to help and we like us all to grow together as a team.

We will provide you with guides, articles, videos, etc when possible. But you will need to go through these yourself, OUTSIDE the working hours. Please make sure you study and learn every single article / video / material that is shared with you through your work, either through this document, Asana, Skype or other mediums. If you are not sure or don’t understand something, we are always here to help you. Please just ask.

Employment at one of our companies

Please make sure you update your employment status on LinkedIn to match our company name. Please take pride in the work you do. We are flexible with job titles and you can propose a job title that you prefer. Make sure your LinkedIn is linked to our company.

If you are planning to perform social media tasks, e.g. manage our company LinkedIn account or Facebook page, then please add me to LinkedIn (Sam Hooti) and Facebook, so that I can make you a Page Manager for the groups / company pages, so you can manage these pages and post etc.

My Facebook:

Time tracking

We are flexible on start and finish time on most job roles/tasks. (As long as it’s between 7 AM – 11 PM UK time)

If you need to take a break in between work to do something, then that is fine too.

In order to improve and make sure we can optimise and create a more efficient and fun environment tailored to your skills, you will be asked to track your time via a time tracker. Please download TimeProof from the following link:

Please make sure you START the time-tracker as soon as you start your work. If you need to leave your PC, please make sure you STOP the time tracker.

Payments and Salary

You must have a PayPal account. At the end of the agreed timeframe, you will send us an invoice (Family / Friend money request) and we will pay you in your currency. There will be no fees for you to pay, hence it’s a family/friend money request.

Payment will be made weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, as agreed. Usually, for the first week, the payments are made on a weekly basis, AFTER the work has been carried out and then moved on to a monthly basis.

Salary is reviewed often and increased based on performance and work ethics. We are interested in keeping our good VAs.

For December, we pay 2x the wage.

Don’t Just Do The Job

Lastly, we are NOT interested in working with people who just want to “finish the task” without any due care or attention, or are just interested in “finishing the hours assigned”. We think this is not a good mentality. We are very flexible, but if there is an urgent task that needs finishing, we appreciate the extra effort to finish and complete the task. We take note of work ethics.

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